18th November 2019


Which animals can breathe under water?

Some animals, like fish, crabs and lobsters, can breathe underwater. Other animals, like whales, seals, sea otters, and turtles, live all or part of their lives in the water, but can't breathe underwater.

Likewise, people ask, can any animal breathe air and water?

Practically all amphibians can respire to some degree through their skin, and as such, could be said to be breathing both air and water. Crabs have gills and as such breathe water, but the gills are basically contained in a chamber.

Which animal breathes through its skin?

Some animals which live on land have a skin which is so thin that gases can easily pass through it. We say that they have a permeable skin. Earthworms and amphibians have a skin which is permeable to gases. Amphibians also have a pair of simple lungs but they are not sufficient on their own for breathing.