21st November 2019


When can baby sit facing forward in car seat?

Once your child exceeds the height and weight limit of his infant car seat, purchase a convertible car seat with a higher height or weight limit (most go to 35 pounds rear-facing) and continue to use it rear-facing until age two, or until your child hits the height or weight limit for rear-facing use.

Considering this, when can babies face forward in Baby Bjorn?

Following advice from paediatricians, with whom we collaborate, we recommend that your baby be carried facing inwards in the baby carrier until around five months of age. Before this age, baby's neck muscles, spine and hips are not sufficiently developed.

Can I use a baby carrier for a newborn?

If you intend to use your baby carrier with a newborn to 5 months old baby, it is crucial that you understand the special needs of babies of this age range. Newborns usually weight between 2.5kg to 4kg+ with the average at about 3kg+ on birth. Preemies or pre-matured babies would weight less.

Are baby slings safe for infants?

Is it safe to hold a baby in a baby sling? When used incorrectly, however, a baby sling can pose a suffocation hazard to an infant younger than age 4 months. Babies have relatively weak neck muscles and can't control their heads during the first few months after birth.