12th November 2019


What was used before Zyklon B?

In early 1942, Zyklon B emerged as the preferred killing tool of Nazi Germany for use in extermination camps during the Holocaust. The chemical was used to kill roughly one million people in gas chambers installed in extermination camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, and elsewhere.

Similarly, it is asked, which extermination camp killed the most?

Death toll
CampEstimated deathsOperational
Auschwitz–Birkenau1,100,000May 1940 – January 1945
Treblinka800,00023 July 1942 – 19 October 1943
Bełżec600,00017 March 1942 – end of June 1943
Chełmno320,0008 December 1941 – March 1943, June 1944 – 18 January 1945