12th November 2019


What medicine to take for Travelling?

  • Antidiarrheal medication (for example, bismuth subsalicylate, loperamide)
  • Antihistamine.
  • Decongestant, alone or in combination with antihistamine.
  • Anti-motion sickness medication.
  • Medicine for pain or fever (such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen)
  • Mild laxative.
  • Cough suppressant/expectorant.
  • Cough drops.

Also to know is, what you need for first aid kit?

The following are important items to have in your Family Health First Aid Kit: Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes - for simple cuts or abrasions. Sterile roller bandages (2" and 3"), at least 3 rolls - to lend support to sprained or sore muscles. Cotton-tipped swabs.

What do you put in a small first aid kit?

If it needs to be flat and relatively small:
  • Bandages.
  • Alcohol wipes.
  • Gauze pads.
  • A flat pad of athletic tape*.
  • One or a couple small packs of Benadryl.
  • Antibiotic ointment (the small, flat packs of stuff like Neosporin).
  • One or a couple small packs of Aspirin or Ibuprofen and/or Tylenol**.
  • Gloves.

What items should be in first aid kit?

A basic first aid kit may contain:
  • plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes.
  • small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings.
  • at least 2 sterile eye dressings.
  • triangular bandages.
  • crêpe rolled bandages.
  • safety pins.
  • disposable sterile gloves.
  • tweezers.