30th September 2018


What is the meaning of loopback address?

Loopback address is a special IP number ( that is designated for the software loopback interface of a machine. The loopback interface allows IT professionals to test IP software without worrying about broken or corrupted drivers or hardware.

Likewise, what is the use of loopback address?

For IPv4, the loopback interface is assigned all the IPs in the address block. That is, through all represent your computer. For most purposes, though, it is only necessary to use one IP address, and that is . This IP has the hostname of localhost mapped to it.

Why do I need a loopback address?

An interface might be unavailable because of a problem unrelated to the device's configuration or operation. Routing information—The loopback address is used by protocols such as OSPF to determine protocol-specific properties for the device or network.

What is the purpose of a loopback address?

The loopback interface exists for the purpose of testing your TCP/IP stack - it is implemented properly in the kernel and it is working. If pinging does not work, then you should simply not bother with a physical interface because it will surely not work.