21st November 2019


What is the largest island in the United States?

Largest Islands In The United States
1"Big Island" Hawaii4,028 square miles
2Kodiak Island, Alaska3,588 square miles
3Puerto Rico3,515 square miles
4Prince of Wales, Alaska2,577 square miles

Similarly, you may ask, what is the longest island in the continental United States?

IN the never-ending debate over whether size matters, enter two unlikely contestants from opposite sides of the country: Long Island, 118 miles long, and Whidbey Island, in Washington, a mere 45 miles long. At stake are bragging rights to being the longest island in the contiguous United States.

Which is the only island state of USA?

Largest Islands of Selected U.S. States
StateLargest islandArea
FloridaMerritt Island93
LouisianaMarsh Island117
MaineMount Desert I.106