12th November 2019


What is the difference between an amp and a Watt?

There is a big difference between the two though as watts is a comprehensive measurement of power while amps is just the quantity of current being drawn. The amount of power can still vary depending on the voltage. The current in amps and the voltage of the source multiplied is equal to the power draw in watts.

What are amps and watts?

Amps would be the volume of water flowing through the pipe. The water pressure would be the voltage. Watts would be the power (volts x amps) the water could provide (think back to the old days when water was used to power mills).

What is the difference between watts and volt amps?

Many people are confused about the distinction between the watt (W) and volt-amp (VA) measures for UPS load sizing. The power in watts is the real power drawn by the equipment. Volt-amps are called the "apparent power" and are the product of the voltage applied to the equipment times the current drawn by the equipment.