16th September 2018


What is biophysics used for?

A biophysicist learns about organisms through the use of physics and biology. Sometimes this is also known as molecular science because the primary goal is to understand and interpret varies biological functions and interactions at a molecular level. Biophysicists mostly work in laboratories to conduct their research.

How much do geophysicists make a year?

Geophysicist Salary. The average pay for a Geophysicist is $91,763 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this career. The highest paying skills associated with this job are seismic interpretation, Interpretation, and Data Analysis.

What do you need to become a geophysicist?

According to the BLS, job opportunities should be best for individuals with a master's degree in geophysics or a related area. To obtain this degree, the student must first complete four years of undergraduate study, typically majoring in a natural science and then complete a master's degree program in 2-3 years.