6th October 2019


What is a worm gear used for?

Worm Gears – Applications & Uses. A worm gear (or worm drive) is a specific gear composition in which a screw (worm) meshes with a gear/wheel similar to a spur gear. The set-up allows the user to determine rotational speed and also allows for higher torque to be transmitted.

Furthermore, are helical gears stronger?

Most people think that straight cut (actually called spur) gears are stronger than helical gears and that's why their used. The reason for this is quite simple: helical gears have more teeth meshing and thus have a greater load bearing surface area.

Why are helical gears most often used for light duty passenger vehicles?

Helical is the most commonly used gear in transmissions. They also generate large amounts of thrust and use bearings to help support the thrust load. Helical gears can be used to adjust the rotation angle by 90 deg. when mounted on perpendicular shafts.

What are the use of gear?

Gears are used for several reasons. They serve to keep the turning or rotation of two axes together. Gears can increase or decrease the speed of rotation and can easily be used to reverse the direction of rotation. Another reason gears are essential is that they transmit rotational motion to a different axis.