26th November 2019


What is a high involvement purchase?

A high involvement purchase exists when a consumer has to buy a product or service that is expensive, or that poses the risk of significant emotional consequences if a mistake is made.

Moreover, what is the inept set?

Inept Set. brands that a buyer is aware of when considering a purchase, thinks poorly of, but uses in some way as a source of information. See: Inert Set Evoked Set.

What is the consideration set in marketing?

Consideration set is the subset of brands that consumers evaluate when making a purchase decision. A consumer has a limited information processing abilities and limits the comparison to a subset of brands that is termed as consideration set.

What is a retrieval set?

Retrieval Sets. Brands or Stores that can be readily brought forth from memory. Evoked Set. Comprises the alternative brands or stores that consumers states they would consider when making a purchase decision.