2nd October 2019


What is a drive isolation transformer?

HPS Drive Isolation Transformers, are designed to meet the rugged demands of both AC and DC variable speed drives and also provide the required voltage change. The separate primary and secondary windings provide electrical isolation between the incoming line and the SCR load.

Herein, what is a line reactor used for?

A line reactor is an inductor wired between a power source and a load. In addition to the current limiting function, the device serves to filter out spikes of current and may also reduce injection of harmonic currents into the power supply.

What is a line load reactor?

LDR = Load Reactor. LINE AND LOAD REACTORS. Line reactors (sometimes called line chokes) are a common power accessory for electronic variable speed drives. These components add an extra margin of protection for AC and DC drives.

What is a link reactor?

Reactors for VFD's are sold as either AC reactors or DC reactors (also called link chokes). Both reactor types serve the same primary purpose, to smooth the current flow to the VFD, and reduce damaging harmonics produced on the power line.