31st August 2018


What information is stored in a barcode?

Contains a very limited amount of data. It is typically just an identifier on a database of that particular product. In the case of UPC codes there is a standardized database so your code is assigned to you for each product. In 2D and larger barcodes you can pretty much put in whatever information you like.

Regarding this, what do they scan on a barcode?

2D barcodes do require a specific type of scanner called a 2D Imager. The common laser barcode scanner reads codes by reflecting light from the black and white lines of a barcode and since the laser is a single line it only reads horizontally across the barcode.

How barcodes are read manually?

Method 2 Reading UPC Barcodes without the Numbers
  1. Understand this method.
  2. Find the three sets of longer lines.
  3. Identify the four widths of the bars.
  4. Write down the thickness of the left hand bars.
  5. Do the same for the right-hand side, but start with a black bar.
  6. Decode the bar widths into actual numbers.