4th October 2019


What are warm and cold currents?

Warm Currents Cold Currents. Page 1. Warm Currents. Warm ocean currents flow away from the equatorial region on the western side of ocean basins. The Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic and the Kuroshio Current in the North Pacific are examples of warm currents.

Considering this, which is the warmest ocean?

Indian Ocean

Is the Humboldt current warm or cold?

Two ocean currents are particularly important to the regional temperatures: the cold Humboldt current that brings lower temperatures from the south up north along the West Coast and the warm Brazilian current that brings warmer temperatures down south along the eastern part of the continent.

Is the water in the Gulf Stream warm or cold?

The Gulf Stream is a warm surface ocean current which originates in the Gulf of Mexico and flows northeast across the Atlantic, driven by the prevailing southwest winds. It influences the climate of the UK and Northwest Europe by bringing with it humid mild air.