16th October 2019


What are the applications of a monostable multivibrator?

The monostable multivibrator is used as delay and timing circuits. It is also used for temporary memories. It is often used to trigger another pulse generator. It is used for regenerating old and worn out pulses.

Consequently, what is the use of bistable multivibrator?

The bistable multivibrator has two absolutely stable states. In other words a multivibrator which has both the state stable is called a bistable multivibrator. It is also called flip-flop, trigger circuit or binary. The output pulse is obtained when, and why a driving (triggering) pulse is applied to the input.

What is is a bistable circuit?

Flip-flops, also called bistable gates, are digital logic circuits that can be in one of two states. Flip-flops maintain their state indefinitely until an input pulse called a trigger is received.

How does an astable circuit work?

Astable Multivibrator (Oscillator) This circuit is an astable multivibrator, or oscillator. The two transistors are cross-coupled in such a way that the circuit switches back and forth between two states. In one state, the base of Q1 is about one diode drop above ground, allowing a base current to flow.