6th December 2019


Is it cannibalism for a chicken to eat an egg?

Egg-Eating Hens: Curing the Problem. If your hens are already eating their own eggs, you can manage and resolve this cannibalism problem with several changes to your hens' care and feeding regimen. Give your egg layers a calcium supplement, like a side hopper of limestone or oyster shells.

What is cannibalism in poultry production?

Cannibalism in poultry is the act of one individual of a poultry species consuming all or part of another individual of the same species as food. It commonly occurs in flocks of domestic hens reared for egg production, although it can also occur in domestic turkeys, pheasants and other poultry species.

Why do chickens peck their feathers out?

Some feather pecking is due to aggression. In other cases, the culprits are pecking the feathers off to eat them. Feather eating can occur because the hens need more roughage and more protein in their diet. It can also start because of boredom and crowding.