17th October 2019


How many characters do you need to know to be fluent in Chinese?

Altogether there are over 50,000 characters, though a comprehensive modern dictionary will rarely list over 20,000 in use. An educated Chinese person will know about 8,000 characters, but you will only need about 2-3,000 to be able to read a newspaper.

Also question is, is there an alphabet for Chinese?

Chinese alphabet. There is no original alphabet native to China. China has its Pinyin system though sometimes the term is used anyway to refer to logographic Chinese characters (sinograms). It is more appropriately used, though, for phonemic transcriptions such as pinyin.

How many characters are there in the Korean alphabet?

Korean Language Tools. The modern name for the Korean alphabet is Hangeul (or Hangul). There are 24 letters in the Korean alphabet: 14 consonants and 10 vowels. The letters are combined together into syllable blocks.