29th June 2020


How is Ahh pronounced?

Pronunciation. As an interjection the word is pronounced basically the same way as the interjection ah but the double a stresses prolongation. In the noun and the verb there is no extra prolongation.

So, what does Ahh mean?

Dictionary of Interjections
WordAlternate/ SimilarMeaning
ahhahhh, ohhRealisation, understanding. Sometimes it means "aaah" or "eh" instead.
ahhahhh..Relief or relaxation
arghaughAnnoyance, anger, frustration
awwaw, awwwShows sentimental approval (also see next entry)

Furthermore, what letter makes the AH sound?

The Sounds of the Alphabet
LetterSound of Letter NameAll sounds of letter
A, aā-ee (long a to long e, also spell "ay")æ, ā, ah, ā-uh, uh
B, bBeebuh
C, cSeekuh, suh
D, dDeeduh

How do you spell Aww or ahh?

Correct Spelling, Punctuation and Apostrophe Use
'Awe' vs. 'Aww'. 'Awe' is an emotion comparable to wonder, but less joyous, and more fearful or respectful. 'Aww' is an exclamation of pity, or appreciation for cuteness or sweetness.

What is the ä sound?

Pronouncing the umlaut Ä
The short Ä is pronounced like the “e” in the word “bet” in English. It is like saying “eh”. The long Ä on the other hand is simply taking the short one and keeping the sound, so making it longer. It is like saying the “ay” in “say”.