4th December 2019


How does silicone help heal scars?

It increases hydration of stratum corneum and thereby facilitates regulation of fibroblast production and reduction in collagen production. It results into softer and flatter scar. It allows skin to "breathe". Silicone gel reduces itching and discomfort associated with scars.

What does ScarAway do?

ScarAway states that silicone sheeting is the number one recommended scar treatment by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The company claims that use of the sheeting will “effectively shrink, flatten and fade hypertrophic (raised) and keloid scars” – whether they are newly-formed scars or old.

When can I start using ScarAway?

Frequently Asked Questions. You may begin using ScarAway® as soon as the skin is healed and there is no oozing or crusting in the area. Treatment with ScarAway® for post surgical scars may typically begin approximately 1-2 weeks after stitches are removed or when cleared by your physician or surgeon for use.